Home Visits in Cartagena

Mohati Vet Clinic knows that sometimes it can be a challenge to take your pet to the vet. For this reason, we offer a home visit service, which allows you to receive high-quality veterinary care for your pet in the comfort of your home.

What are Home Visits?

House calls are veterinary appointments that take place in your home instead of at the clinic. This service is ideal for pets who get stressed while traveling, or for owners who have difficulty transporting their pets.

Our Home Visit Services in Cartagena

At Mohati, your veterinary clinic in Cartagena, we offer a variety of home visit services, including:

  • Routine Health Exams: We perform comprehensive health exams in the comfort of your home.
  • Vaccination: We offer a personalized vaccination program to keep your pet protected against diseases.
  • Diagnostics: If your pet is not feeling well, we can perform diagnostic tests in your home.
  • Compassionate Euthanasia: In the most difficult times, we provide euthanasia services at home so that your pet can spend its last moments in a calm and familiar environment.