December dental campaign

Dental Health Campaign 2023

Dental health in dogs and cats is crucial to their overall well-being. Just like humans, pets can also suffer from dental problems that affect their quality of life. Therefore, at Mohati Veterinary Clinic we have designed this Dental Health Campaign during December 2023 to prevent these problems. dental. Here are some key points about dog and cat dental health:

  • Regular reviews

    Schedule regular dental checkups with your veterinarian. These checks can identify early dental problems, such as gingivitis, cavities, or broken teeth, before they become more serious.

    During this campaign you can receive a free dental consultation and a post-cleaning consultation to evaluate preventive methods

  • Professional dental treatments

    In some cases, professional dental treatment may be necessary. This could include regular dental cleanings or the removal of damaged or infected teeth.

    With the Dental Health Campaign you can benefit from a 15% discount on dental cleaning and pre-surgery

  • Regular brushing

    Just like us, pets benefit from regular brushing. Use a toothbrush and toothpaste designed specifically for dogs or cats. This helps prevent plaque and tartar buildup, reducing the risk of periodontal disease. If your pet does not allow itself to be brushed, ask us about other alternatives.

    This month you can enjoy a 10% discount on dental care products in our store.

  • Dental toys and snacks

    Provides specific chewable toys and snacks for dental health. These not only entertain pets, but also help clean teeth and strengthen gums when chewed.

  • Signs of dental problems

    Be alert for signs of dental problems, such as persistent bad breath, mouth bleeding, difficulty eating, loss or mobility of teeth, excessive drooling, or irritability when touching the mouth. If you notice any of these symptoms, contact us immediately.

Proper attention to your pets' dental health contributes not only to a healthier mouth, but also to their overall well-being. Maintaining a regular dental care routine can prevent long-term problems and ensure your pets lead happy, healthy lives.

Our motto at Mohati Veterinary Clinic:
«Preventive medicine is the key to taking care of your pet's health»